International Association of Schools of Social Work Pushes Reports on Deeds of CQUST Social Work Professors and Students in the Fight Against the Pandemic

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On April 18, International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) pushed on its homepage reports on anti-epidemic deeds of CQUST professorsand students of Social Work Program in theSchool of Law and Politics and Economics, giving a vivid description of the in-depth participation in and voluntary support of anti-pandemic fight by teachers and students of social work majorin various forms since the outbreak of COVID-19, giving a boost to the international profile of the Social Work Program of our university.

Founded in 1928, IASSW is a global association of schools of social work education and social work educators which supports the social work education. It was one of the first international non-governmental organizations certified by the United Nations. The association is committed to promoting the development of high-quality social work education, training, theoretical research and practice, facilitating and supporting exchanges and cooperation among member institutions through initiatives such as holding regular annual meetings, publishing international academic journals of social work and establishing the fund for international cooperation projects. It has now developed into an international cooperation platform consisting of high-level social work organizations from more than 100 countries.

As the covid-19 pandemic c spreads rapidly around the world, Chinese experience and practices are gradually becoming a model for the international community to help efforts in the global fight against the pandemic. The comprehensive and effective intervention of social work in epidemic prevention and fight, as a key measure for the modernization and localization of national governance capacity and governance system, is not only well known and praised by the general public, but also positively evaluated by the international community. The chair of Disaster Intervention, Climate Change and Sustainability Committee of IASSW highly praised the participation of CQUST social work program n battles against the epidemic and offered great support for specific work of this news push. As China enters the second stage of the fight against the pandemic, normalized and refined epidemic prevention and management, psychological support and other work are creating broad developmental demand and space for social work, and at the same time allowing the unique model and leadership of Chinese social workers to make our contribution to global social governance caught deep in epidemic crisis. With a staunch commitment to professional beliefs and practices, the our social work faculty and students will continue to devote themselves to the fight against the epidemic, as part of our proud mission in CQUST to serve our community and nation in the new era.

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