Academician Zhou Shouwei Guided the Construction of Heavy Oil Thermal Recovery Laboratory

Release Time:2020-07-20 Author:Xu Zhiyuan Editor:Qin Chuan

On the afternoon of June 6th, Zhou Shouwei (academician of CAE, vice president of CASA, chief technical adviser of CNOOC), visited the heavy oil thermal recovery laboratory and gave guidance to the construction of the lab accompanied by CQUST CPC Secretary Li Delong and vice President Liu Shanghai.


Mr. Zhou listened to the report on the construction of the laboratory, and watched the physical nature experiment of water and crude oil under super-critical state. He pointed out that the purpose of the experiment should be further clarified so as to ensure the experiment to be carried out safely and smoothly, and the laboratory should continue to focus on the thermal recovery of heavy oil, define the research direction clearly, and strengthen the university and business partnership in collaborative innovation with the aim of promoting the development of theoretical research and technical innovation in the field.

Fu Qiang, director of Integrated Management of China Ocean Resources Development Strategy Research Center, CNOOC Research Institute, and Lu Xin, chief engineer of CNOOC Research Institute Hydrate Laboratory, participated in the preliminary test work.

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