CQUST Hit a Record High in 2020 for the Completion of Projects Approved by Chongqing Bayu Program of Overseas Talents Recruitment

Release Time:2020-07-20 Author:Xu Zhiyuan Editor:Qin Chuan

Chongqing Municipal Education Commission has recently issued an announcement document on "Releasing the Names of the Receivers of Rewards and Subsidies for Completion of Projects Approved by Chongqing Bayu Program of Overseas Talents Recruitment". The document identifies 20 projects from six higher institutions in Chongqing completed and awarded with subsidies. Among them, the projects led by Prof. Hui Dawei from our university along with other eight high-level overseas experts was approved of completion. And this has contributed to another record set by our school of the number of projects completed, ranking the first out of all the higher institutions of Chongqing in terms of projects completed.

"Bayu Overseas Talents Recruitment Program" is one of the key projects of Chongqing to attract highly qualified talents from overseas. It aims to introduce world-class foreign experts and experienced Chinese scholars to work cooperatively on education, instruction and scientific research. This plan is designed to bring together intellectual resources of high quality, further promote the internationalization of education, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of higher institutions of Chongqing and their ability to serve local economic and social development.


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