The Project "Key Technology of High-Sensitive and High-Accurate Detection of Early Warning Signals and Smart Sceening and Its Application" Has Been Certified as One of the Scientific and Technological Achievements of Chongqing

Release Time:2020-07-20 Author:Xu Zhiyuan Editor:Li Qing

On June 29th, a panel of experts was organized by The Commercialization of Research Findings Promotion Association of Chongqing to review via video conference the achievements of "The Key Technology and Its Application of High-Sensitive and High-Accurate Detection and Smart Sceening of Early Warning Signals of Diseases", which successfully passed the evaluation and was certified as one of Chongqing's scientific and technological achievements. The panel of experts agreed unanimously that the overall quality of the research results has reached international leading level.

Since January of 2008, the research team led by Prof. Liao Xiaoling from our university, has been focused on the technical problems of detecting early warning signals of diseases. The team, together with other R&D groups and enterprises internationally well-known and specialist of micro/nano materials and biomedical detection to give technical guidance, has pioneered, through independent innovation and medical-industrial integration, the key technology of high-sensitive, high-accurate detection and smart sceening of early warning signals of disease. This major breakthrough has been applied to more than 20,000 domestic and overseas medical services for clinical use, and has broken the long-term market monopoly and tech blockade of foreign brands, and help promote the rise and development of national brands. . With the project technology, the detection kits for coronavirus antibody and test kits for nucleic acid extraction and nucleic acid independently developed by the research team have obtained five CE certification from the European Union, and has played an important role in the fight against epidemic in more than 60 countries and has established its international prestige in the epidemic fight.


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